Battery Charger C3: 6-12V

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Battery Charger C3: 6-12V

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Handy, practical and lightweight

The smart 0.8 amp 6V and 3.8 amp 12V battery charger can save you money and benefit the environment by maintaining the battery and avoiding premature battery failure. The charger features 4 charging modes aimed at battery maintenance, including; pulse charging, for recovering a battery from a short term deep discharge and trickle charging for maintaining the battery in seasonally used vehicles.

Battery Types: Lead-acid, AGM, WET, GEL and open VRLA batteries.

Battery Capacities: 6V: 1.2Ah-14Ah and 12V: 14Ah-120Ah

Battery Applications: Passenger cars, Classic cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Jet Skis.

Certified to Australian electrical safety standards.

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