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Sensors Sensors


Sensors are at the heart of the modern EFI system. Reliable and dependable sensor outputs ensure smooth running, optimal engine performance and fuel economy. The Bosch range includes Oxygen, Temperature, Knock, Mass air and Hall effect sensors.

Ignition Parts Ignition Parts

Ignition Parts

Bosch have been supplying traditional and electronic ignition systems to vehicle manufacturers since the early 1900s. Our comprehensive range covers Distributors, Caps, Rotors, Condensers and Points.

Wiper Blades Wiper Blades

Wiper Blades

They say it’s hot and dry in Australia. The truth is that much of the country experiences some of the highest rainfall statistics in the world. Keep a clean windscreen with Bosch wiper blades.

Spark Plugs Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs

The ignition system was the foundation of the Bosch company, patented by Robert Bosch himself in 1887, leading to his invention of spark plugs in 1902, and what is now over 110 years’ experience with Bosch spark plugs the heart of the petrol engine.

Lighting Lighting


Whether you call it a globe or a bulb, a properly functioning lighting system is a top priority. The Bosch Select range, offers you a great value replacement lighting option.

General Parts General Parts

General Parts

Back in 1913, Bosch introduced the first electrical lighting system for automotive vehicles. Today, the new generation of Bosch headlamps, driving lights and globes are complimented by horns, relays, switches, fuses and regulators.

Fuel Injection Fuel Injection

Fuel Injection

Bosch designs complete electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems; from the fuel pump, through the injectors all the way to the oxygen sensors. Who better to understand the requirements of engine management components than the people who design the systems?

Starters and Alternators Starters and Alternators

Starters and Alternators

For over 100 years Bosch has been at the cutting edge of electrical technology and continues to produce market-leading products to the highest quality standards.

Brakes Brakes


At Bosch, your safety is our number one priority. Along with the invention of the Anti-skid Braking System in 1978, Bosch has remained at the forefront of braking development including the release of such innovations as Electronic Stability Program and Lane Change Assist.

Diesel Components Diesel Components

Diesel Components

Whether you have a common rail or traditional diesel system, it is likely your vehicle has glow plugs. Bosch diesel parts offer premium quality and original equipment reliability.

Merchandise Merchandise


So you’re a fan of the Bosch brand? We’re progressively adding a merchandise range to the Bosch Auto Shop – check-in here if you’d like to become a Bosch “brand ambassador” by adding some merchandise products to your shopping cart.


Looking for Bosch Automotive Products, or maybe Bosch Wiper Blades? Well, you've come to the right place. The Bosch Auto Shop is a fast-growing repository for a huge range of our premium quality Bosch Spark Plugs, Bosch Wiper Blades, including Aerotwin Blades, Bosch Ignition Parts, Bosch Brakes, Bosch Fuel Pumps, Bosch Oxygen Sensors, Bosch Ignition Coils, Bosch Ignition Modules, Bosch Fuel Injectors and more. The shop now includes our Bosch headlight bulbs and Bosch Driving Lights. Coming soon to the Bosch Auto Shop, Bosch Brakes!


You might not think there's much Bosch in your car currently. You'd be surprised! We have built a globally-integrated automotive parts electronic catalogue, Vehicle Part Finder, which features almost every vehicle ever sold in Australia. Dating as far back as 1948, the catalogue ensures model-specific application, meaning you select the right products for your car.


With our Vehicle Part Finder updating every month, the days of flicking though out of date Bosch paper catalogues are long gone. If you know what you're after, though, you can also use the product categories above to browse through our range of automotive parts by name and part number.