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Driver Assistance Systems

It can save lives. A warning signal and display of a coffee cup on the dashboard helps to remind drivers to take a break after driving a long distances.


0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds

MCLAREN P1 shows how Bosch gasoline injection systems are at the forefront of engineering technology.


Smartphones on wheels

20 years ago, the internet revolutionized computing. Bosch is now making cars an active part of the internet – and bringing drivers a range of benefits. A connected car is always going to be a better car.


Diesel is the first choice for SUVs

SUV's are rapidly conquering the streets of the western world – and there are Bosch diesel components in almost all of them. The ten most popular SUVs in Germany all feature Bosch injection technology and common-rail injection systems, which reduces fuel consumption by ensuring efficient combustion.