The world's largest supplier of premium automotive parts, Robert Bosch GmbH is headquartered in Gerlingen, Germany, and consists of more than 350 subsidiaries across 60 countries. Bosch products are officially sold in excess of 150 countries worldwide, supported by an employee group of some 303,000.


Bosch's Australian headquarters is located in Clayton South, Victoria, at 1555 Centre Road, supported by the Bosch Logistics Centre (BLC) at 158 Abbotts Road, Dandenong South, Victoria.


Bosch car parts are not only made for European vehicles, but for all cars from around the world. We welcome you to search your vehicle in our advanced Bosch electronic catalogue, known as the "Vehicle Part Finder"


At the Bosch Auto Shop, we're committed to providing every customer with the best product and service. Our products are of premium quality, ensuring your car runs smoothly. Our customer service team focuses on giving you the best possible assistance, making sure you buy the right part for your car.


Our local Australian warehouse ensures that you recieve your parts as quickly as possible. Together with our freight provider, we offer real-time order tracking.


We are expanding our range and carry premium Bosch Spark Plugs, Bosch Wiper Blades, including Aerotwin Blades, Bosch Ignition Parts, Bosch Ignition Leads, Bosch Fuel Pumps, Bosch Oxygen Sensors and more. Bosch Auto shop combines the most premium quality products with unrivaled service and competitive prices.


We always love to hear from our shoppers, so feel free to contact one of our Customer Service team members for questions, comments or some feedback. Get in touch with them via the contact us form.


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Testimonials from the Bosch Auto Shop

Bruce 28/1/15

Hello, Just wanted to say WOW, placed the order online 27th and received 28th. I'll be spreading the word for you. Cheers Bruce


Chris 6/3/14

I ordered wiper blades and windscreen wash yesterday afternoon and just received them this morning. I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant service.


Carl 26/2/14

Dear Bosch,

In regards to my order, which I placed online about 4.10 PM yesterday afternoon (25th Feb).  To my surprise, I received the order about 11.00 AM this morning (26th Feb). I would like to compliment Bosch, and its courier (Toll), on the service provided.  When one considers that Port Macquarie is a regional area some 400 km north of Sydney, the service is excellent. Thank you.


David 12/2/14

I recently had engine problems with my 1999 Mercedes C180. It was pinging badly, losing power on hills, engine operation was erratic. On inspecting the plugs it was fitted with BERU ultra x multi point plugs.

As Mercedes recommended Bosch I contacted  Customer service, they responded quickly and recommended Bosch platinum FR8DP+. Well what a revelation, all the aforementioned problems disappeared. No pinging, smooth running engine, increased power and better fuel economy. I can't recommend these plugs highly enough for the DIY mechanic. Thanks Bosch


Andrew 7/1/14

Hello, Just wanted to drop you a note to say what brilliant service you gave me - ordered some wiper blades yesterday, arrived this morning and installed on both cars already - absolutely fantastic! Thanks for a great experience.